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Block 1: Sewing Directions, Part 4

Now you're going to try something just a little different!

For this step, you will use the remaining 2-3/4" half-square triangles and the units that you just completed.

Lay one of rectangle units face up on your work area.

Lay one of the half-square triangles on the lower end of the rectangle right sides together as shown in the diagram.

Line up the edges and then sew diagonally from corner to corner as shown (in red.)

Make sure that you've got the triangle placed correctly and also make sure that you sew in the correct direction! Check everything before you trim off the seam allowance.

You need 80 of these and they should look like the one in the diagram. They should measure 2-3/4" x 5" when you're done.

Personally, I find this technique easier than and (as long as I'm careful!) just as accurate as making little quarter-square triangles.

Whew! Now, you've got all the pieces so, it's time to put the block together!

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